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Youtube and Credation

2016-12-04 18:37:20 by DjCryogenetic

So it's come to my attention that alot of People are pulling music from this account and reuploading it to youtube without crediting me properly. So, to that end, I'll make this post to give people a simple copy paste format to make me happy.

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Cubed Music

2012-02-07 21:58:08 by DjCryogenetic

So from now on ill be just Cubed Music.


2011-12-17 21:38:44 by DjCryogenetic ments/ngd4r/i_work_in_news_this_is_how _... net
free-speechs-weak-links-under-internet -

Don't Let our Government Censor our Internet.

Osama Bin Laden Caught!

2011-05-01 23:31:20 by DjCryogenetic

CHECK IT OUT GO GO GO GO. paign=shorturl

So this little song of mine has fast become a popularity of mine, and has also atracted outside attention as well as some press. I would really like though, to be able to get some more reviews from a world wide community of this little ditty, see if anyone thinks i should improve upon it, as such, and Newgrounds allows just that.

So, take a bit of pity on me ans take a minute to just listen. Even if you don't review it, a vote, a listen, it really means somethin special to me. /372739


2011-01-12 22:49:01 by DjCryogenetic

Its amazing, discuss why im wrong and or right.


2010-11-28 17:47:29 by DjCryogenetic

This song has gotten 5, 300 downloads, but no votes, and barely any reviews!

I want your people's opinions!

Album EP Released!

2010-09-04 23:08:32 by DjCryogenetic

My EP album, September, is available on Bandcamp for a mere 2$ USD.

September Album

Album EP Released!

FL Studio Techno/Trance Tutorials!

2010-07-11 22:13:59 by DjCryogenetic

So im starting to make a new series of tutorials for FL Studio.

Hope they help you out!

The first can be found here.

How to: Make a Breezes and Styles Melody

Tutorial Link


Did i Miss it?

2010-07-10 23:50:55 by DjCryogenetic

Did i Miss robot day?

Cause i made this awesome song for it, Robot Rave.

Check it out, Definitely a dance-to one.

Did i Miss it?